Industrial 4.0 Precise Position Sensing, High Precision Positioning System in decimeter level.


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       The Renwei electronic system uses the SM2.4 frequency band and is compatible with both RFID and BLE modes. Adopting the angle of arrival (AoA) locating technology, it has one positioning base station, which can accurately measure the direction of the tag signal and the coordinates of x and y. The positioning accuracy is 0.3 to 1 meter.


High-precision positioning: 

The system adopts today's leading precision locating technology with accuracy up to 50cm. It can show the precise position of the person in real time.

Standardized law enforcement: 

The system helps to standardized law enforcement procedures, strictly implement supervision in accordance with the rules and regulations, and prevent the occurrence of acting in collusion to make each other's confessions identical, single trial, off-the-job sleep, etc.

Video splicing, package downloading: 

It can link with the existing video and recording system to realize the whole package of the entire process recording of the suspects' entrance and depart.

Convenient installation:

 its elegant natural appearance and simple wire design will not damage the decoration of the existing case center. And the debugging cycle is short.

Support for big data:

The system uses cloud positioning technology to support large-scale tag operations.

Liberation of the police force and improve work efficiency: 

The system integrates with the business system to simplify the workload of the police.


Real-time locating of personnel area:

 the system can locate the position of the person wearing the tag or the bracelet in real time and display it on the map of the monitoring end.

Video linkage: 

the system can realize real-time locating monitoring and video linkage of personnel and objects.

Personnel statistics: 

The system can count the number of people in each zone in real time.

Single-person interrogation: 

when a suspect and a police officer appear in the interrogation room, the system will send single trial alarm.

Early warning to ensure the standard process in place

the suspect involved must first wear the electronic bracelet. After inspection is conducted and the information is inputted, the suspect can enter the next zone. Otherwise the system will generate an alarm.

Anti-serialization warning:

 When inputting the suspect information, if the case is the same case, the investigator will add same mark for the case. When suspects with the same mark enter the same zone, the system automatically alarms.

Illegal entry alarm:

 after a special zone is set, when an unauthorized person enters the zone, the system will alarm and pop up the video at the same time.

Track playback:

you can play back a certain person's movement track for a certain period of time, and simultaneously recall the historical video.

Personnel for help: 

When the staff encounters an emergency, press the help button on the tag. The system will find an alarm and pop up a video to ensure the safety of the staff.

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